Insight 20223
August 31 – September 3 in Berlin
Head of the Psychosomatic Dermatology

Armin Bader, PhD

Ruhr University Bochum

Armin Bader is licenced as a Psychotherapist (Approbation: Psychologischer Psychotherapeut) since 4/16/1999.He gave regularly lectures and was engaged in study publications in Bochum (Germany), in Hangzhou (PR China 2002-2015), at Columbia University in New York (2005/6) and held a close cooperation with the Institute of Clinical Psychology at the University of Miami, with Heidemarie Kremer, MD, PhD and Prof. MD Gail Ironson, Miami, Florida USA (2001-2015).

Armin Bader ist engaged in many activities in medical and psychological institutions as well as in NGO´s (Aids Hilfe Organisationen)-

He is also the head of the PsySoz section of the German AIDS Society and co-founder of the International Erich-Fromm Society.

His research focuses on the development of interdisciplinary standards in diagnostics and treatment of the above-mentioned patient groups, with particular emphasis on psychoneuroimmunological and epigenetic findings and their consequences for psychotherapy.

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