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PhD candidate

Soma Makai-Bölöni, M.Sc.

Centre for Human Drug Research ﴾CHDR﴿, Leiden
  • Soma Makai-Bölöni holds a research master’s in cognitive and clinical neuroscience with a specialization in drug development and neurohealth from the University of Maastricht. Throughout his undergraduate degrees, he developed a strong interest in the neuropharmacology of psychoactive compounds and their potential therapeutic use. More recently, his research revolves around developing novel methods for psychiatric and emotion focused research, as well as setting-up and conducting clinical trials with psychedelic compounds.

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MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Narrative Review Highlighting 5‐HT Mediated Neuroplasticity

Post‐traumatic stress disorder ﴾PTSD﴿ is characterized by intrusive, em…

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