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August 31 – September 3 in Berlin
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MSc. Psychology Student

Šimon Král, BA

University College London (UCL)

Šimon Král is a student currently pursuing an MSc in Psychological Sciences at University College London. He previously obtained a B.A. in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin, where he graduated with First Class Honours. His undergraduate dissertation, entitled “Psychedelic Experience and the Alleviation of Death Anxiety,” explores the potential of understanding the effectiveness of psychedelic assisted therapy for existential anxiety through the framework of Heidegger’s philosophy and existential psychotherapy.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Simon has also gained valuable experience in the field of psychedelic research. He currently serves as a research collaborator at the National Institute of Mental Health in the Czech Republic, where he is working on a study that assesses the effects of psilocybin and ketamine on existential anxiety in terminally ill patients. He is also on the committee of the UCL Society for the Application of Psychedelics.

Conference Presentations

INSIGHT 2023: Psychedelic Experience and the Releasement of Death Anxiety (TALK)

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