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Director of the MIND Academy

Sergio Pérez Rosal, M.D.

MIND Foundation

Sergio Perez works as a medical doctor at OVID Health Systems and as MIND Academy Director at the MIND Foundation. He´s a certified Beyond Experience Facilitator and Neuromeditation Instructor. Currently, he is training in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

While practicing as a medical doctor specialized in anesthesia and emergency medicine in Hamburg, he was regularly invited as a lecturer at the Asklepios Medical School and the University of Hamburg. Sergio has broad experience giving practical workshops on emergency management, applied sonography, and basic and advanced life support for clinicians and medical students.

In the emerging field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, he thinks it is necessary to standardize procedures and educate professionals and the general public in a scientific and secular way to create a safe environment and legal framework for therapy and human development.

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