Insight 20223
August 31 – September 3 in Berlin
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Senior Scientist

Dr. Prateep Beed

Charité Universitätmedizin Berlin

Dr. Prateep Beed is the Neuroscience Section Advisor and Programs Associate at the MIND Foundation. He is a senior scientist and lecturer at the faculty of Neurosciences at Charité Berlin. With more than fifteen years of experience in neuroscience, he is interested in understanding the physiological and altered states of the brain at the cellular and circuit level. Prateep has a background in neurosciences (Ph.D., Charité 2010) and cognitive behavioral sciences (MSc, Max Planck Tübingen, 2006) which coupled with a strong passion for innovative storytelling, led him to establish new ways of communicating scientific research using the latest technology and methods. At the MIND Foundation, he looks forward to growing the Neuroscience Section with internal and external collaborations, promoting transparency and responsibility in psychedelic science by opening channels for dialogues between scientists and the public, and lastly spreading awareness of the up-to-date scientific knowledge.

Conference Presentations

INSIGHT 2023: Symposium: Bridging the Gap Between Basic Science and Clinical Research in Psychedelic Neuroscience (TALK)

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