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Master's Student

Merve Akan, B.Sc.

Bogazici University ‐ Department of Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory

Merve is a chemist with research experience in environmental chemistry, phytotherapy and neurology which ultimately led her to continue with a graduate degree in neuroscience. Now, she is about to complete her master thesis about the antidepressant nature of Ketamine in Bogazici University and planning to pursue a doctoral degree on the psychopharmacological profiles of natural psychedelics in synchronization with their network level activity to reveal their unique altered states of consciousness. After a long journey of being interested in Sufism, Ayurveda and altered states of consciousness, she wants to fuse the ancient wisdom of Gaia and the potential of the human brain.

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The Antidepressant Effect of Acute Transdermal Ketamine on Behavioral Despair in Wistar Rats

Ketamine, a phencyclidine ﴾PCP﴿ derivate with rapid‐onset anesthetic and analgesic effects,…

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