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uniMIND Project Manager

Melina Mitsotaki, M.Sc.

MIND Foundation

Melina is from Greece and currently living in Athens. She did her undergraduate studies at UCLA, with a major in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Energy and the Environment and a minor in Philosophy. Wanting to transcend the silos of the engineering world, she briefly interned for the UN Environment in Kingston, Jamaica, and after that pursued a Masters in Technology Policy at the University of Cambridge. Melina is committed to creating a world that serves a cosmo-ecological vision of life and society. She joined the MIND Foundation in the summer of 2020 as an intern and is still involved part-time as uniMIND Project Manager.


uniMIND Workshop – Building communtiy for the next generation in psychedelic research

uniMIND is organizing a space for all the student voices present at the INSIGHT Conference to con…

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