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Mateo Sanchez Petrement, RMa

University of Amsterdam

Mateo is a graduate from the Research Masters in Philosophy programme at the University of Amsterdam, where his thesis Re-politicizing Psychedelics turned on analyzing psychedelic experiences through the lens of posthuman phenomenology. Building on the intersection of feminist scholars and Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s notion of embodied experience, this approach informs his focus on the reinterpretation of the category of experience in search for its political implications. At stake are questions such as: what ‘reality’ do our experiences have? How are experiences constituted by a political field of power relations? What experiences trigger what political mobilizations? His interest in psychedelics is thus twofold: to provide psychedelic therapy with a different and helpful concept of ‘experience’, and to understand the oft-mentioned political potential of psychedelic experiences. As suggested by pioneering critical psychiatrists in the heyday of psychedelic use, therapy and mental health issues thus become sites for social contestations with implications beyond the therapeutic context.

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Psychedelic Therapy as Reality Transformation

From the perspective of embodied subjectivity proper to phenomenological psychiatry, I argue that…

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