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Marcus Meinhardt

University of Applied Sciences Mannheim

Marcus Meinhardt received his Diploma in Biotechnology with a specialization in neuropharmacology from the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, Germany. He then completed his PhD at the Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim, Germany, focusing on the glutamatergic system in alcohol dependence and its implications in different rat models of alcohol dependence. For his Post-doc, Marcus gained experience in the pharmaceutical industry at AbbVie, Ludwigshafen, Germany in the neuroscience drug discovery and DMPK department. Marcus recently returned to the Central Institute of Mental Health to investigate the neurobiological basis of psychedelics on both a pre-clinical and clinical level within the Department of Molecular Neuroimaging and at the Institute of Psychopharmacology. His main research interests lie in the therapeutic potential as well as molecular mechanisms of psychoactive substances.

Conference Presentations


Evaluating the therapeutic potential of hallucinogens in rat models of alcohol addiction

Worldwide more than 2 billion people consume alcohol. Nearly 60 million EU citizens engage in harmful drinking and 23 million Europeans are suffering from alcohol addiction. Approved pharmacological treatments for alcoholism are limited in their effectiveness, and new drugs that can be translated into the clinic are warranted. In the last decade, there was considerable enthusiasm that advances in the field of neuroscience would soon translate into mechanistically novel alcohol addiction therapies. However, several new mechanisms that appeared to hold […]

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Selected Publications

Heilig M, Barbier E, Johnstone AL, Tapocik J, Meinhardt MW, et al. (2017) Reprogramming of mPFC transcriptome and function in alcohol dependence. Genes, Brain Behav 16:86–100.

Hirth N*, Meinhardt MW*, Noori HR, Salgado H, Torres-Ramirez O, et al. (2016) Convergent evidence from alcohol-dependent humans and rats for a hyperdopaminergic state in protracted abstinence. Proc Natl Acad Sci 113:3024–3029.

Meinhardt MW*, Sévin DC*, Klee ML, Dieter S, Sauer U, Sommer WH (2015) The Neurometabolic Fingerprint of Excessive Alcohol Drinking. Neuropsychopharmacology 40:1259–1268.

Pfarr S*, Meinhardt MW*, Klee ML, Hansson AC, Vengeliene V, et al. (2015) Losing Control: Excessive Alcohol Seeking after Selective Inactivation of Cue-Responsive Neurons in the Infralimbic Cortex. J Neurosci 35:10750–10761.

Meinhardt MW, Sommer W (2015) The postdependent state in rats as a model for medication development in alcoholism. Addict Biol 20:1-21.

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Get our lovely INSIGHT 2019 conference news

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