Insight 20223
August 31 – September 3 in Berlin

Kaitlin Roberson

Cacti Therapeutics

Kaitlin is co-founder and CEO of Cacti Therapeutics, a biotech company developing non-hallucinogenic psychedelic-related therapeutics for neuropathic and nociplastic pain. She moved in this direction after working in the humanitarian field with populations disproportionately affected by trauma and pain, who lacked equitable access to quality care. Kaitlin received her Master’s degree in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University and has professional experience in trauma care and business finance. Her passion is helping people experience growth and transformation as they overcome physical, sexual, and attachment traumas, and the chronic pain that so often follows these adversities. In her spare time (when is that?), Kait trains for triathlons, boxes, chases 4 kids and 8 pets around, and volunteers with various NGOs.

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