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Jitka Nykodemová, M.Sc.

University of Copenhagen / University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

Jitka studies and applies the art of chemistry towards materializing precious and intriguing psychoactive matters as tools and catalysts. She attained a Bc. program Drug synthesis and development at University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague and a MSc program Neurochemistry with Molecular Neurobiology at Stockholm University with an internship in a medicinal chemistry research group at University of Copenhagen. Currently she is a collaborating researcher and distance PhD student in Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry at Forensic Laboratory of Biologically Active Substances in Prague and continues investigational research and novel drug discovery at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, blending chemical and neuroscientific backgrounds in search to uncover some of the fascinating questions surrounding unusual effects of psychoactive matters.

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Chemistry and Structure‐Activity Relationships of 5‐HT2A Selective Agonists

In this chemistry‐ and neurochemistry‐lensed talk and presentation, I would love to offer a g…

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