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Dr. sc. hum. Henrik Jungaberle

MIND Foundation

Henrik Jungaberle is a public health, drug and prevention researcher. His focus is on human development, integration and integrity in the use of psychoactive substances – and shaping this on the individual, social and political level. He develops and implements strategies to avoid or minimize the negative consequences of alcohol and other drug use. On the other hand he works on strategies to sustain and improve health through the professional application of psychedelic substances. Currently he is part of the research team in the EPIsoDE study – a psilocybin-assisted depression treatment trial.
Henrik Jungaberle is the director and co-founder of MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science and one of the CEO’s of OVID Health Systems. Henrik is one of the Scientific Directors of the INSIGHT Conference(s).

He has worked at the Institute of Medical Psychology, University Hospital Heidelberg, for 18 years (1996-2014) where he conducted and lead EU- and DFG-financed research on salutogenesis and psychoactive substances. With his teams he built programs like REBOUND (drug education) and BEYOND EXPERIENCE (psychedelic integration and harm reduction).

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Making Integration a Science-based Concept – Therapy, Counseling and Self-development
Looking Back to Shape the Future – Progress and Challenges in Psychedelic Research, Therapy, and Science Communication

The INSIGHT 2021 opening talk will discuss the state, progress…

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Round Table/ Panel VIII: A Glimpse of the Bigger Picture – Consciousness in Culture and Medicine

Moderated by: Dr. sc. hum. View Event

Panel IV: How Useful is Integration Therapy? The Concepts, Methods and Science Behind Practices of Integrating Psychedelic Experiences in Clinical Settings

Moderated by: Dr. Max Wolff


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Panel III: Is There Only One Way to Approval? Challenges in Implementing Psychedelic Substances in the Medical Field

Moderated by: Dr. sc. hum. Henrik Jungaberle

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Panel I: New Paradigm or Co-existence? The Potential of Psychedelics in Mental Health

Conference Presentations

INSIGHT 2019: Re-Evaluation of Psychedelics: Challenges for Science, Therapy & Public Health
Academic Talk: "Positive Psychology and Psychedelics"

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