Dr. Regina Hess

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Regina U. Hess, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist from Germany and holds a joint PhD in transpersonal psychology (USA/UK). She is a trauma-informed body-centered Gestalt psychotherapist, creative therapist, and transpersonal psychotherapist. She is the founder/director of the ASE World Forum – Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science in Amsterdam, NL, with a focus on the therapeutic use of altered states of consciousness, as well as shamanic practices and the work with creativity. She is faculty at international universities and transpersonal institutes. Dr. Regina U. Hess is on the Board of Directors of the European Transpersonal Association and the International Transpersonal Association. She is co-founder of the international Transpersonal Research Network, and of the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research. She is a member of the Swiss Medical Association for Psycholytic Therapy and is in the Integration Team of the MIND Foundation. 

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