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Dr. med. Sebastian Gaus

OVID Practice

Sebastian Gaus is qualified as specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy. He studied medicine at Charité university hospital from 2007 till 2013 and did his psychiatric and neurological residency at Vivantes Auguste Viktoria hospital till 2020 and his doctorate at Charité. His research was about finding biological prediction markers for patients with treatment resistant depression treated with Lithium as augmentation. As a psychotherapist Sebastian is trained in psychodynamic therapy and has a training in couples therapy as well as CBASP for chronically depressed patients. His clinical and research interest lies in the field of affective disorders, specifically chronic and treatment resistant depression. Sebastian is a study therapist in a randomized-controlled trial investigating psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression in Germany.

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Case Presentation of a Patient Having a Ketamine Augmented Psychotherapy at OVID Practice

We present the clinical case of a 53 years‐old woman who underwent ketamine‐assisted psychoth…

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