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Clinical Psychologist & Research and Knowledge Exchange Associate

Dr. rer. nat. Max Wolff

MIND Foundation

Max Wolff is a psychologist and clinical researcher at the MIND Foundation. His research is concerned with processes of behavioral change and the psychological mechanisms underlying the efficacy of psychedelic-assisted treatments for mental disorders. As a psychotherapist he works with cognitive-behavioral, emotion-focused, and acceptance-based approaches. Max coordinates the MIND Foundation’s APT – Augmented Psychotherapy Training, and he is a committee member at the Mental Health Section within the MIND Members Association. He also works as a study therapist in the EPIsoDE study, a randomized-controlled trial investigating the safety and efficacy of psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression at the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, Germany, and Charité University Medicine Berlin. 


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Past Events

Augmented Psychotherapy Training Workshop

APT – Augmented Psychotherapy Training is an advanced 2-years training program for medical doct…

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A Simple Conceptual Model of How Psychedelics Affect Psychological Flexibility (for Better or Worse)

Many benefits and some of the harms associated with psychedelic use are arguably due to these dru…

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MHS – A Growing Network of Psychedelic Therapists and Co-Therapists

In our workshop we will show how we organize medical doctors, psychotherapists and complementary …

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Conference Presentations

INSIGHT 2019: A Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective on Avoidance and Acceptance in Psychedelic Therapy
INSIGHT 2019: Panel: The Case for Cognitive-Behavioral Models in the Treatment with Psychedelic States

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