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Psychologischer Psychotherapeut

Dipl.-Psych. Max Leidenberger

OVID Health Systems

Psychological psychotherapist and group psychotherapist (depth psychology-based) in private practice, trained in catathym-imaginative psychotherapy, body psychotherapy, breath therapy, hypnosis and systemic coaching. Founder and director of a student counseling service for refugees (Kiron). Member of the AGKB, DFT and the MIND-Foundation.

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Ketamine-augmented psychotherapy for depression (KAP) – A treatment approach for outpatient practice.

In Germany more than 4 million people suffer from depression (WHO 2017). Ketamine, which was init…

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Ketamin-augmentierte Psychotherapie bei Depression (KAP) – Ein Behandlungsansatz für die Ambulante Praxis

Mehr als vier Millionen Menschen in Deutschland leiden unter einer Depression und viele von ihnen…

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