Insight 20223
August 31 – September 3 in Berlin
Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Daphne Hering

Technische Universität Berlin

I started my professional career after doing my diploma and MBA in business administration in Germany and Hungary as a top management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Following that, I became an entrepreneur and in parallel pursued my doctoral research on business opportunity identification of migrant entrepreneurs in Europe. Throughout this as well as the following Covid 19 period, where I home schooled my 4 children, in started a deep personal growth journey and continuously asked myself how I can become a transformational leader rooted in mindful awareness and consciousness to serve humanity. On this path, I discovered my purpose to serve humanity as an entrepreneur, investor, coach, and inspirational speaker to inspire, enable and empower other people though new perspectives to induce positive change. With that, I am now building businesses that support migrants to integrate better into our societies though more sophisticated skill matching as well as investments into migrant founded startups which overall serve the development of more prosperous societies.

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