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Teacher, plant medicine woman and research project manager

Baiba Baika, M.A.

Consciousness Medicine Foundation Latvia

Baiba Baika is originally from Latvia but lives and works in Germany. She has two Bachelor’s degrees – in education and business. She has a Master’s degree in Transformative Education. Her dissertation is about psychedelics as tools to eliminate the fear of dying and guiding of the dying mind. Baiba is a co-founder and research project manager at Consciousness Medicine Foundation Latvia. The main goals of the foundation are to promote psychedelic, in particular Amanita Muscaria, scientific research and trials in Eastern Europe and their utilisation to treat skin problems, depression, panic attacks, general anxiety, death anxiety, and neural pain. Baiba is also a teacher and a plant medicine woman. Her main research interest is consciousness at the moment of dying. She has integrated her education, research findings, and experience into a plant-medicine-assisted counselling and guiding of the dying, as well as a series of on-line lectures on the Art of Having a Good Death.

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