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August 31 – September 3 in Berlin
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Master´s student

Alina Ruge, B.Sc.

Institute for Neurocognitive Psychology at University Oldenburg

Alina Ruge, Bachelor Psychologist and currently Master’s degree student of Neurocognitive Psychology in Oldenburg, Lower-Saxony, Germany. In the time between Bachelor and Master I worked for one year in an outpatient care facility for people with psychological disorders, who were experiencing troubles managing their everyday lifes. Then I took care of an autistic child in school for a bit more than half a year. I am interested in finding healthier and more efficient ways of treating people with psychological and neurological issues and in the mechanisms and potential of influencing brain chemistry with compounds that the human body had been in contact with for millenia (in the case of e.g. DMT containing drugs, psilocybin or mescaline). I feel that we are experiencing a turning point in professional health care, which can be of benefit for many and I am proud to play a small role in this process myself.

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