Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Albert Perez Garcia-Romeu, Ph.D.

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Albert Perez Garcia-Romeu, Ph.D. is a member of the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences faculty at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he studies the effects of psychedelic drugs in humans with a focus on psilocybin as an aid in the treatment of addiction. PhD in psychology from Sofia University from University in Palo Alto, CA where he researched self-transcendence and meditation. Dr. Garcia-Romeu was awarded an NIH funded postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where he began working with Drs. Matthew W. Johnson and Roland R. Griffiths on a series of studies investigating the psychopharmacology of serotonergic hallucinogens (i.e. psychedelics). His main emphasis has been researching the therapeutic potential of the naturally occurring psychedelic psilocybin as an aid in the treatment of addiction. he is currently appointed as a Guest Researcher at the National Institute on Drug Abuse Intramural Research Program, where he is studying the underlying neurobiological mechanisms of action related to psilocybin administration in a structured clinical intervention. His current interests include further refinement of clinical interventions involving psychedelics and mindfulness for mood and substance use disorders, and additional examination of the biological underpinnings and spiritual significance of altered states of consciousness.

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