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August 31 – September 3 in Berlin
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PhD Researcher / Co-Founder

Agnieszka Sekula & Prashanth Puspanathan, MD

Swinburne University / Enosis Therapeutics

Agnieszka is a scientist with background in biomedical engineering and medical imaging. She used cutting edge biotech tools, including customized imaging robots, 3D modelling and VR, to innovate medical research all over the world, including forensic medicine in Switzerland, space medicine in Austria and translational science in Singapore. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology at Swinburne University in Australia. Agnieszka is devoted to science outreach, extensively advocating for open-science communication, community led research and outcome transparency. For her outreach efforts, she won the best speaker award at 3D MED Australia and the MiLabs Image of the Year award, among others. Her work has been displayed worldwide, including Shanghai EXPO, Florence Biennale or Sounds of Space Exhibition in Austria. Agnieszka’s academic work was published in the Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging, and the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Prash, a medical doctor and former Neuropsychiatry Fellow at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, is one of Australia’s leading advocates for accessible psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. In this capacity, Prash is a clinical adviser to the Australian Psychedelic Society and is frequently sought for his thought leadership on the subject of the therapeutic uses of psychedelic substances. Prash is also the founder of pioneering digital currency brokerage Caleb & Brown, named “Fintech Startup of the Year” in 2018 by the Australian Stockbrokers & Financial Advisors Association. Caleb & Brown, Australia’s largest personalised cryptocurrency brokerage firm, widens the suite of traditional wealth management services through the provision of bespoke digital currency solutions. Prash has a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours) from Monash University in Melbourne, a Masters in Psychological Medicine from the University of Melbourne, and has written for a number of publications.

Conference Presentations

INSIGHT 2023: Immersive Therapeutic Frameworks in Psychedelic-Based Treatments (TALK)

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