Insight Conference


September 9-12

From Science to Implementation

INSIGHT 2021 provided the space for an enriching and respectful dialogue between psychedelic researchers, practitioners, leading experts from the psychedelic industry, and the interested public. For the first time, the conference not only took place in Berlin, but was also live-streamed into the world.
More than 1300 people attended in person and online.

Based on the feedback from INSIGHT 2019 attendees, we offered even more panel discussions and opportunities for audience participation. These formats allowed for the incorporation of diverse perspectives and controversial opinions. Particularly, INSIGHT 2021 discussed many ethical questions about integrating and implementing altered states of consciousness in the health care system and wider society. 

The conference presentations were organized into four tracks, allowing for a multidisciplinary and practical approach that constituted the INSIGHT 2021 motto: From Science to Implementation.

1. Treatment (with the sub-tracks Integration Therapy and Ketamine-assisted therapy)

2. Basic Research

3. Public Health (with the sub-tracks: Anthropology, History, Non-pharmacological methods, Political Regulation and Self Development)

4. Implementation (with the sub-tracks: psychedelic industry, philosophy, and ethics of psychedelic states)


Some video impressions from INSIGHT

Prof. Dr. Davit Nutt - Developing the Current Status of Psychedelics in Psychiatry
Dr. Sandeep Nayak - Belief changes following a single psychedelic experience: Results of a survey study
Dr. Paul Liknaitzky - Old medicines, new misunderstandings

INSIGHT 2021 speakers

Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Gründer
Department of Molecular Neuroimaging, Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim
Prof. Dr. med. Franz X. Vollenweider
University of Zürich
Dr. Katrin Preller
University of Zürich and Yale University
Prof. Dr. Matthew Johnson
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Prof. Dr. David Nutt
Imperial College London, Division of Brain Sciences
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Introduction to BEYOND Experience - The MIND Foundation Integration Program
David Heuer, M.A.
Augmented Psychotherapy Training Workshop
Dr. rer. nat. Max Wolff
Sonic Arts Practice and Psychedelia: How the Theory and Practice of Experimental Music might Speak to the Psychedelic Experience
Dr. Sam Dunscombe, Julia Reidy
Ketamine-augmented psychotherapy for depression (KAP) – A treatment approach for outpatient practice.
Dipl.-Psych. Max Leidenberger, Dr. rer. medic. Laura F. Kuhle, Dr. rer. nat. Barbara Breitenstein, Dipl.-Psych.
Molecules: A Hands-On Workshop for Emergency Prevention & Management
Benjamin Spahr, M.D., Sergio Pérez Rosal, M.D., Dr. Felix Blei
uniMIND Workshop – Build community, exchange knowledge, facilitate research
Marvin Däumichen, M.A.
Psychedelic-Assisted Somatic Therapy – Practice-Oriented Workshop
Dr. Regina Hess, Keren Tzarfaty, Ph.D., MFT
Ketamin-augmentierte Psychotherapie bei Depression (KAP) – Ein Behandlungsansatz für die Ambulante Praxis
Dipl.-Psych. Max Leidenberger, Dr. rer. medic. Laura F. Kuhle, Dr. rer. nat. Barbara Breitenstein, Dipl.-Psych.
Coaching & Psychedelics: Annealing the Creative Mind
Floris Wolswijk, M.Sc.
Psychedelic Experiences as Invitations to Philosophical Questions
Felix Uhl, M.A., Michael Kramer, M.A.
MHS - A Growing Network of Psychedelic Therapists and Co-Therapists
Dr. Max Wolff, Eugen Secara, M.Sc.
Advances in Neuroscience
Camile Bahi, M.Pharm, Celine Winter, B.A., Marc Rosenkranz, B.A., Alina Ruge, B.Sc.
Flow States: The creative journey & Psychedelics
Tatiana Lupashina, M.Sc., Amelia Young, M.Sc.
Legal and Ethical Considerations in Psychedelic Research
Dr. jur. Fabian Wenner