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The integration of psychedelic experience – psychotherapeutic methods and strategies for integrating altered states of consciousness

Pre-conference workshop

Anthropological records tell us that humans have sought for altered states of consciousness (ASC) in ancient and modern societies and from a wide variety of motifs. In addition to the confirmation of world views and social values, the search for novelty, meaning and spirituality, seeking pleasure and the attempt to treat somatic and psychological disorders are some of the most common reasons for seeking to alter one’s state of mindA variety of methods have been used to induce changes in waking consciousness: from music to immersive breathing and flickering light to psychoactive substances. It is not always possible to integrate challenging experiences into self-image, personality structure, social life and shared world view. Irrespective of mental health in the medical or therapeutic sense, considerable discomfort up to dissociations and psychosis-related states as well as spiritual crises may occur when seeking altered states of consciousness. 

This pre-conference workshop is aimed at doctors, psychotherapists as well as others working therapeutically or as counsellors with patients and clients who could be affected by altered states of consciousnessThe people we’ll be focussing on may either have intentionally been seeking such states or are affected non-intentionally 

In the workshop we would like to present methodological strategies for tackling the challenges that come with altered states of consciousness. The strategies presented both stem from approaches of the third wave of behavioral therapy as well as modern psychodynamic psychotherapy. We will discuss commonalities and differences in those approaches when it comes to the integration of psychedelic and other non-ordinary states. 

We are especially pleased about the contribution of our guest Ingmar Gorman PhD, from New York City. Among other things, he is experienced in the treatment of substance disorders and in the psychotherapeutic integration of psychedelic experiences. He leads a study site evaluating the use of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy to treatment post-traumatic stress disorder. After a morning of lectures to clarify terms and conceptsthe afternoon will be devoted to case work in smaller consultation and supervision groups. The language of the workshop is English, the case work will be offered in English as well as in German. 

 The language of the workshop is English, the case work will be offered in English as well as in German. 

CME points are applied for at the Ärztekammer Berlin. 



September 5th 2019


10:00 - 16:00


Room: Bernahrd von Langenbeck
Dr. med.


Therapy Division of the MIND Foundation more about the speaker
Ingmar Gorman

Ingmar Gorman

Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program (Director) more about the speaker

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Get our lovely INSIGHT 2019 conference news

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