Insight Conference
Marvin Däumichen, M.A.
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Rudolf Virchow room (2nd floor)


uniMIND Workshop – Build community, exchange knowledge, facilitate research

The uniMIND workshop is open to anyone in academia in pursuit of a career in psychedelic research. Our workshop begins with an introduction to uniMIND, our international academic journal club network. You will learn from experienced local group coordinators and discuss how we can further establish psychedelic research across disciplines at universities and in curricula worldwide, based on the principles of cooperation, intellectual exchange, and transdisciplinarity. At the workshop, we address two central perspectives:

The network level: What is the current status of our international uniMIND network? Where do we want to see it in 2 years? How do we get there?

  1. The individual level: How can I become a psychedelic researcher? How does involvement in uniMIND benefit my career?

Participation is recommended for anyone interested to:

  1. – Become professionally involved in the emerging field of psychedelic research and therapy
  1. – Network with faculty and students to drive forward international cooperative research projects
  2. – Join or (co-)coordinate a university-based psychedelic journal club
  3. – Become part of an international academic network, currently spanning across 14 EU countries and Australia
  4. – Discover the possibilities of such social-study groups (incl. materials, formats, university funding options, and more)


  1. This workshop is free of charge, based only on donations for drinks and snacks. Any surplus donations enable further funding for the uniMIND project and the consolidation of psychedelic research programs in universities worldwide.


Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange

Marvin Däumichen, M.A.

MIND Foundation
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