Insight Conference
12:45pm - 1:45pm


Round Table/ Panel VIII: A Glimpse of the Bigger Picture – Consciousness in Culture and Medicine

Moderated by: Dr. sc. hum. Henrik Jungaberle 

The closing panel will look at the bigger picture again and pick up the most relevant debates from INSIGHT 2021. How do psychedelic therapies today differ from those in the 1960ties? What can we still learn from the past? How can the field develop a strategy addressing underground practices and inadequate training? On the other hand: which strategies will make sure that the positive transformational qualities of psychedelic therapies will not be absorbed by a rigid and economically over-defined mental health care system? If there are learnings from the past 70 years of new psychedelics in Western society: what are those learnings? And how should the field relate to indigenous practice in a mature and non-paternalizing way? What are the challenges to debate with established mental health professionals? What is the role of psychedelic-inspired spiritualities in clinical practice and beyond? Which features should novel psychedelic molecules that are to be developed have to make a difference?
Audience contributions over the course of the conference will be considered strongly in this panel. 

Moderation and speakers in this panel could be changed until the last minute.