Insight Conference
Ozan Polat
12:00pm - 12:30pm
Track 4: Rudolf Virchow Room


Rethinking Venture Capital for a Novel Approach to Health & Wellness

Novel fields require novel approaches. The psychedelics space will foster new companies and entrepreneurs, innovate on the traditional model of capitalism, and have a massive positive impact globally. At Vine Ventures we are reimagining how venture capital can foster the sustainable emergence of psychedelics. With its unique values and history, the psychedelics field is the best ground to test future-forward and more holistic forms of business.

While research and academia are at the core of the psychedelics industry, what role does venture capital play in supporting the long and uncertain process of translating science from the lab into treating real-world patients?

We will share details of our industry analysis, where we painstakingly catalogued hundreds of companies, projects, non-profit organizations, and community groups, and explain how Vine’s Reciprocity Pledge turns all our portfolio companies into donors for the non-profit space and academic research.


Venture Partner

Ozan Polat

Vine Ventures
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