Insight Conference
David Bronner
5:05pm - 5:35pm
Track 4: Rudolf-Virchow Room


Psychedelics at a Crossroads: We Need Constructive Not Extractive Capital 

As a lot of focus in the US-American psychedelics space over the last few months has centered around the potentially unethical behavior of select companies, one might ask whether it is possible to create an ethical psychedelic company. At Dr. Bronner’s, we want to move the discourse towards creating an ethical psychedelics industry as a whole. 

In my talk, I will argue that it’s not only possible to create an ethical psychedelics company, but that such companies already exist. As longtime and committed activists in the psychedelic movement, we’ve encountered thoughtful business models and innovative ownership and capitalization structures that, together, present a unique case study on how an industry can move from “extractive capitalism” towards more constructive economic models based on reciprocity, community investment, and trust. 

Although there is much we are alarmed about in the bourgeoning psychedelics space, we are at the same time deeply inspired by the ways the entrepreneurs and community leaders we are supporting are helping to prefigure what an ethical industry can look like. Those of us who believe in the healing and transformative power of psychedelics can use their work as a foundation to help build a psychedelics industry—and the next generation of mental health solutions—in service to a truly just, sustainable, and equitable world.


Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO)

David Bronner

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