Insight Conference
David Heuer, M.A.
11:30am - 12:00pm
Track 2: Bernhard von Langenbeck Room


Know thyself and take the steps – Semi-structured group processes for psychedelic integration (BEYOND EXPERIENCE and Footsteps)

There is a fascinatingly vast variety of different qualities, topics and rhythms when we look at psychedelic experiences. From aesthetic alterations, new perspectives on personal and existential questions, to resurfacing childhood memories, reliving traumatic episodes or exploring spiritual dimensions.

When considering how to support the integration of such diverse experiences, it is important to address the multiplicity of ways in which they can affect our being. How we relate to our thoughts, emotions or to other people, engage with surrounding environments, how we experience our bodies or address existential questions – many aspects of life can be influenced or even transformed in this process. Integrating psychedelic experiences can be a challenging, but very rewarding endeavour. Developing a beneficial and well-informed stance towards engaging with psychedelic experiences is a key aspect of integration. Beyond the many facets of psychedelic experiences that should be attended to in integration processes, there are also compelling reasons for embedding such personal exploration in a focussed group process.

MIND has created two semi-structured curricula called BEYOND EXPERIENCE and Footsteps, that aim to support psychedelic integration through a multi-modal approach. In the talk I will share insights from developing these programs as well as facilitating psychedelic integration for diverse groups of participants.


Integration Program Manager

David Heuer, M.A.

MIND Foundation
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