Insight Conference
Michael V. Kramer
Felix Uhl, B.A.
11:00am - 12:30pm
Location to be determined


Psychedelic Experiences – Philosophical Questions

Although there is no agreement on a definition of what it is, philosophy could be described as an attitude towards oneself and the world, where you try to make sense of things in a systematized and unbiased way.

In fact, philosophers like Socrates oftentimes lifted the veil of seemingly self-evident knowledge through posing questions that made people wonder and eventually see things from a different perspective.
Interestingly, one can argue that something similar happens during a psychedelic experience. The filters through which reality is usually perceived are removed. New sensory and cognitive information can access consciousness.

The individual is confronted with big philosophical questions that are usually overlooked: What is a good life? What do I know? Why am I here?

In this short workshop, the Philosophy Section of the MIND Members Association wants to introduce itself and invite you to explore the similarities between the philosophical attitude (as it was traditionally understood) and the psychedelic experience.


PhD Candidate

Michael V. Kramer

Duquesne University
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Master´s student

Felix Uhl, B.A.

Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main
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