Insight Conference
11:00am - 11:30am
Track 1: Auditorium


Old Medicines, New Misunderstandings

Over two short years, Australia has gone from having no clinical psychedelic trials to multiple trials and training programs, substantial scientific, medical, and public interest, and a large government funding round specifically for psychedelic research. Standing on the shoulders of giants overseas, a small handful of researchers and clinicians have rapidly propelled Australia into the conversation. Through the process of establishing several of Australia’s initial psychedelic trials and the country’s first psychedelic lab, Liknaitzky will explore a set of misunderstandings he frequently encounters among professionals new to psychedelics. The notably sudden and widespread professional interest and attendant misunderstandings in Australia may be a harbinger for those to come globally on the back of legalised psychedelic therapies. The ability for our new colleagues to climb this unique learning curve will be important for a viable, safe, and effective psychedelic medicine of the future.