Insight Conference
Dr. rer. nat. Max Wolff
Eugen Secară, M.Sc.
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Bernhard von Langenbeck room (1st floor) + ONLINE via Zoom


MHS – A Growing Network of Psychedelic Therapists and Co-Therapists

In our workshop we will show how we organize medical doctors, psychotherapists and complementary health professionals with in the MIND Members organization. We will provide an overview of activities and plans for the future. As a main output in 2020/2021 we worked on a case book for practitioners to be used in training and practice, covered music and music selection, read papers, wrote a paper and discussed the politics around becoming professionals in this field.
In the workshop we will talk about future plans, like national and multi-language groups, training and how we want to work together with other sections like Law & Ethics.
You are welcome to this introductory workshop!

This is the ZOOM LINK that will guide you to the online room for the workshop.

If you have any questions before the workshop, please contact the facilitators.

Facilitator emails:

Dr. Max Wolff: [email protected]
Eugen Secara, M.Sc.: [email protected]


Clinical Psychologist & Research and Knowledge Exchange Associate

Dr. rer. nat. Max Wolff

MIND Foundation
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PhD student

Eugen Secară, M.Sc.

University of Vienna & Babeș-Bolyai University
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