Insight Conference
Luan van Pletsen, M.Eng.
6:05pm - 7:05pm
ONLINE via Airmeet


Artificial Wisdom

“When the mind takes a photograph, it doesn’t capture the motion of life.” – GPT-3

Is there a link between states of consciousness and linguistic output?

Following experiments using GPT‐3 to generate new content in the style of Alan Watts and the Tao Te Ching, the work asks if there is a link between the generated content of the GPT‐3 model and the conscious state of the original author. Can AI methods emulate an essence in Eastern Wisdom traditions?

The poster details work studying a linguistic model of the ego, and asks if wisdom can be understood or identified through structural properties of language. AI‐generated quotations are shown alongside human examples, and the viewer is asked to come to a qualitative judgment as to the algorithm’s ability to emulate human wisdom. Attention is also placed on our ability to find deep meaning in sayings of a particular form.

If enlightenment as described in Buddhism is an attainable and quantifiable state of mind, then its application to automated analysis and decision making is of particular interest. Zen proposes methods for overcoming the limits of the thinking mind, and these are explored in the context of Artificial Intelligence and our increasingly algorithmic infrastructure. Can Artificial Wisdom provide a feedback loop for human-machine behaviour to tend towards virtues of compassion, kindness, integrity, unity and self-knowledge?



Software / Mechanical Engineer

Luan van Pletsen, M.Eng.

Imperial College London
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