Insight Conference
Tomas Palenicek, PhD
3:15pm - 3:45pm
Track 3: Albrecht-Kossel Lecture room (Charité)


Psilocybin Induced Changes in the Dimension of the Experience and Brain Dynamics Predict Long Term Positive Effects on Mood in Healthy Volunteers

Psilocybin as and other serotonergic psychedelics are recently gaining lots of attention as rapid acting antidepressants in major depression (MDD) and other neuropsychiatric disorders. One of the major concerns is whether the antidepressant effects and their duration can be predicted and what is the underlying cause. A positive valence of psychedelic experience has been already shown to be linked to responders to treatment in patients with MDD and in contrast more anxious symptoms were associated with non-response. Several findings in brain dynamics based on fMRI have also been shown. The main aim of my presentation will focus on whether the phenomenology of the psilocybin experience and changes in brain dynamics based on EEG during the psilocybin session can predict long-term outcome on general wellbeing and mood based on persisting effects scale in healthy volunteers.

This work was supported by projects AZV MHCR NU21-04-00307, GACR 20-25349S, MH CZ—DRO (NIMH-CZ, 00023752), grant LO1611 from the MEYS CR under the NPU I program, PROGRES Q35 and 260533/SVV/2021


Head of Research

Tomas Palenicek, PhD

National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic
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