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Breath as a Tool for Self-Exploration in Altered States of Consciousness (Workshop weekend)

Pre-conference workshop and exploratorium for therapists and professionals from the medical field and the general audience 

Join us for this experiential workshop supported by certified Holotropic Breathwork© facilitators in a peaceful venue close to Berlin surrounded by beautiful nature. 

Holotropic Breathwork is an intense method of self-exploration, transformation and healing in altered states of consciousness free of psychoactive substances that was developed by psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina Grof. It is designed to encourage participants to trust their own inner healing intelligence by using different important elements like breathing, a set of music created with certain waves to support the inner process, body work, art and sharing circles. These are simple yet effective elements used in the history of human groups in various traditions around the world to support transformation and healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

People who breathe regularly find the method useful to get in contact with their creativity and deeper levels of themselves. Therapists specifically can find breathwork helping them to have more confidence and creativity in their work with their clients as a result of their own experiences. Once breathwork techniques are sufficiently evaluated, they could become an integrated part of different forms of psychotherapy.  

This workshop is appropriate for any one and previous experience is not required. In the process of registration you’ll be required to fill out a medical form – please come back to us with any questions concerning this form.

The workshop begins on Saturday evening at 6 pm and is finishing on Monday at 6 pm. So you need to take Monday off to participate.


We have received 12 CME credits to award medical staff who attend the workshop. These can also be transferred to CE credits for psychotherapists.

Accommodation and food included

The participants stay at the Aloha Center over night. The accommodation and food is included. Participants need to book their rooms themselves.

Health Status Check: the medical form

After registering for the workshop please fill out the breathwork medical form.



August 31st 2019


CAUTION: Saturday, August 31st, 6 pm - Monday, Sept 2nd, 6 pm


Aloha Center (outside, but close to Berlin): Mühlenstr. 1a, 14789 Wusterwitz

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Conference tickets

With your ticket you will have access to the whole conference - with keynotes, panels, round tables, posters and daylight social events. We will ask for a small extra fee for the Friday evening social program. The pre-conference workshops have to be booked separately and each workshop needs an individual ticket. By clicking on "Book now" below you also have the option to buy your workshop tickets.

*Reduced fees apply to students, cooperation partners as well as unemployed and retired individuals who have a monthly net income below 840,- €. Proof of status will be required.

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Get our lovely INSIGHT 2019 conference news

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