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August 31 – September 3 in Berlin
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Panel VII: From the Lab to the Retreat Center? Ethical Science Communication and Psychedelic Pop Culture

  • 11/09/2021
  • 5:35 - 6:20
  • Auditorium


Moderated by: Sasha Silberberg, Director of Communications at the MIND Foundation

The clinical application of psychedelics is accompanied by a surge in interest in self-development, but also self-medication. A considerable globalized media discourse has grown over the last years. This often involves drawing strong and sometimes far fetched conclusions from basic or beginning clinical research. And it motivates new groups of people to seek psychedelic experience in retreat centers mushrooming in South America and other places – with dubious credentials and sometimes severe side-effects on the vulnerable and people with psychiatric conditions that are sweeping back into traditional mental health care. How should we address psychedelic pop culture? Are there ways to shape the public discourse in a responsible way? What’s the role of clinical researchers in addressing self-development and recreational forms of use? Are there special challenges when it comes to speaking with the media as a researcher or clinician? 

Moderation and speakers in this panel could be changed until the last minute. 

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