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Use of psychedelic substances in Europe, and purity, prices and adulteration in the Netherlands

oral presentation

This presentation will cover essential aspects to understand the drug checking system in the Netherlands (DIMS), after which data and trends regarding purity, prices and adulterations of a number of psychedelics in the Netherlands will be presented: LSD, ketamine, 2C-B. For LSD and 2C-B, purity, price and adulterations of samples bought offline will be compared to those bought online.

The presentation finishes off with available data regarding use of psychedelics in Europe (EMCDDA) and from recent surveys in the Netherlands.



September 6th 2019


11:30 - 12:00


Room: Bernahrd von Langenbeck
Daan van der Gouwe

Daan van der Gouwe

Trimbos-Institute, Utrecht Area, Netherlands more about the speaker

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