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Cooperation or Competition? Defining common ground for psychedelic research associations in Europe

Pre-conference workshop

With the recent boom in psychedelic science, research-oriented non-profit organizations have been created across Europe. As the field gains legitimacy within academia, some of the problematic aspects of academia are reflected in psychedelic research. At the same time, we have the opportunity to change old patterns and move towards a network-driven open science framework.

With this workshop, we bring together representatives from different research-oriented organizations, with the aim of establishing a common platform for collaboration across nation borders. Shared values, communication and concrete future collaborative projects will be discussed.

Application for the workshop and two free conference tickets

We have only 25 place available that’s why you need to apply for this workshop with this form: Workshop Application Link.
We will provide two free tickets for each of the research oriented organizations that we can choose – so we are waiting to hear from you. The workshop is free – an amount of 10 Euro will be charged for drinks and snacks onsite.
Filip Bromberg and Marco Aqil will also create an online discussion group before the workshop that we hope you will join.

Click HERE to apply for a workshop place

The workshop facilitators will take care for assembling the group in this workshop and provide a coupon for the free tickets afterwards so that you can buy your free conference ticket after they affirmed your participation.



September 5th 2019




Langenbeck-Virchow Haus, Room: Rudolf VIrchow

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Conference tickets

With your ticket you will have access to the whole conference - with keynotes, panels, round tables, posters and daylight social events. We will ask for a small extra fee for the Friday evening social program. The pre-conference workshops have to be booked separately and each workshop needs an individual ticket. By clicking on "Book now" below you also have the option to buy your workshop tickets.

*Reduced fees apply to students, cooperation partners as well as unemployed and retired individuals who have a monthly net income below 840,- €. Proof of status will be required.

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Get our lovely INSIGHT 2019 conference news

Email address
First Name
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