Insight Conference
Floris Wolswijk, M.Sc.
10:00am - 11:30am
Bernhard von Langenbeck room (1st floor) + ONLINE via Zoom


Coaching & Psychedelics: Annealing the Creative Mind

The Coaching & Psychedelics Section will present how coaching and psychedelics can go hand in hand. As the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics crystallize, we also see that psychedelics can help those without mental health disorders. This workshop will present our current understanding of that other side of the psychedelic coin. You will learn about our psychedelic coaching framework and receive a sneak preview of our whitepaper on this topic. This workshop is intended not only for coaches but also those who are interested in learning how psychedelics can be a tool for self-development.

If you have any questions, please contact the facilitators before the workshop.

THIS ZOOM LINK will take you to the online workshop.

Facilitator Emails:

Floris Wolswijk, M.Sc.: [email protected]
Marcel Braun (Co-Facilitator): [email protected]
Tim Cools (Co-Facilitator): [email protected]


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Floris Wolswijk, M.Sc.

Coaching & Psychedelics Section´s Speaker
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