Insight 20223
August 31 – September 3 in Berlin

Citizen’s Forum Extended – Report and Discussion

  • 01/09/2023
  • 15:00 - 15:30
  • Room: Bernh. v. Langenbeck (1st fl.)


Participation Welcome!

As part of Berlin’s Long Night of Sciences on June 17th, the MIND Foundation organized its first citizen’s forum on the topic “Psychedelic Therapies in the German Healthcare System – How, Who, For Whom? A Discussion on the Introduction of Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy.” This citizen’s forum is part of a research project on the “Acceptance and Implementation of Psychedelic Therapies,” funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the EPIsoDE study.

Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Risks and potentials of psilocybin-assisted therapy
  • Implementation, quality, and regulation of psilocybin-assisted therapy
  • Societal issues surrounding psilocybin (e.g., regulation, access to therapy, non-medical use)

Some results of the citizen’s forum will be presented at the INSIGHT Conference, where the discussion on relevant questions will continue.

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