Insight Conference
Paloma David, RMA
11:30am - 12:00pm
Track 4: Rudolf Virchow Room


Ayahuasca Insightfulness

Ayahuasca Insightfulness explores the perceived attainment of knowledge during or as a product of ayahuasca experiences: in other words, its noetic qualities. It analyses anonymous ‘trip reports’ using narrative research and qualitative analysis software to determine the types of knowledge attained. The main types of insights examined relate first, to personal insights and self-understanding and second to metaphysical and philosophical ideations.  

Being sensitive to the cultural setting of the accounts allowed the research to contextualize the meaning-making processes of the practitioners involved as highly dependent on their cultural background. This meant the claims of knowledge were not of a universal order but rather a product of complex cultural dialogue. Hence the project engaged in broadening the classic psychedelic notion of “setting” to include cultural dynamics in tandem with environmental factors.  

On a philosophical side, Ayahuasca Insightfulness explores how psychedelic claims of knowledge are separate from factual truths and yet valuable for the practitioners involved. This allows discussing the contrast between claiming the visions’ content is factually correct and claiming the visions acquire important meaning for those who partake in the brew. 


Head of research and development ‐ APRA

Paloma David, RMA

Amsterdam Psychedelic Research Association
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