Insight Conference
Charles Raison, M.D.
10:00am - 10:30am
Track 4: Rudolf-Virchow Room


An Open Science Approach to Drug Development

Science advances more from collaboration than competition. In the burgeoning field of psychedelic research, we purport that openness, transparency, and collaboration will move this field of scientific knowledge forward most efficiently and honorably. However, given the perceived need for protection of intellectual property, the economics of drug development can make such collaborative efforts challenging or pragmatically impossible. It is in this context that an open science approach to drug development and commercialization offers promise as a new paradigm for the field as a whole. Publication of scientific discoveries and processes dramatically expand the potential for future innovation while documenting existing knowledge for the public good.

This talk will highlight several examples of how a unique approach to drug development, through an open science platform is currently advancing the field of psychedelic research to enable clinical and non-clinical studies in a diverse range of indications. This approach allows researchers the freedom to conduct studies addressing clinical questions of immediate import and to investigate theoretical and basic science questions that may enrich the future of the field in ways we cannot currently envision within the constraints of the current drug development paradigm.


Distinguished Chair, Director of Clinical & Translational Research

Charles Raison, M.D.

University of Wisconsin, Usona Institute, & Emory Healthcare
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