Insight Conference
11:00am - 11:30am
Track 4: Room 4


Advocating for Innovative Approaches in Mental Health at the EU Level

  • PsychedelicsEUROPE (PE) is an innovative mental health association based in Brussels that advocates in the EU for the regulatory frameworks that promote state-of-art therapies, foster cutting-edge research, and secure lasting solutions for patients. The presentation of PE focuses on regulatory as well as funding opportunities for medicinal use of psychedelics within the major initiatives of the EU. These include, for example, the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan, the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe or the ongoing discussion about the need of the comprehensive EU’s Strategy on Mental Health. Last but not least, the contribution also briefly touches upon programmes of the upcoming presidencies of the Council of the EU that are being approached from the perspective of their potential for further awareness raising activities concerning medicinal use of psychedelics in Europe.